Basic Core Word "STOP" Training

In this Lesson, your classroom team (students AND instructors!) are learning how to communicate the word "stop," using their communication system (AAC). You are also practicing the AAC Partner Strategy of Repetition with Variety. Repetition with Variety means that you will be modeling the word/symbol "stop" for in many different ways.  You might say, "Let's STOP," "It's time to STOP," "Jackson is going to STOP."  The idea is that the student hears and sees you use the AAC system to say the word "STOP" many times, and in slightly different sentences, with slightly different meanings.  This helps them understand the nuances of the word "STOP!"

QUIZ & 2.0 HRS. OF CREDIT are available once your team has completed the following:

  1. Review the slideshow (adults)
  2. Work through a slideshow exploration with students, interacting with the appropriate videos and books (adults & students)
  3. Focus on practicing using the core messages during your daily routine activities, at least 45 minutes a week (adults)
  4. Engage in at least 3 team discussions (15 min. each) using the slideshow tips as guiding questions for your collaboration
  5. Complete the quiz and confirm the above activities are completed.
  6. Certificate will be sent to the email you entered on the form!