Dynamic AAC Communication Skills Assessment-2

The Dynamic AAC Communication Assessment is a DTA Original tool to help guide you in assessing your student’s skills in communicating using features in different AAC systems.  It is an observation guide to use as you are working with your student during typical communication situations.

Let us walk you through a guided observation and AAC trials as you determine your student's communication and language skills and needs.  This instructional manual below includes directions for how to administer/observe each section of the assessment tool, gives you ideas for applications you might try and tips for encouraging your student to engage.  You'll take observation notes on the Data Collection and Notes Tool below!

DATA COLLECTION & NOTES PROTOCOL is a place to keep track of your observations as you conduct trials with your student.  These do not need to all be observed in a single session! You can conduct "evaluative treatment over a period of time to determine your students strengths and needs related to their communication skills with AAC.