Step One: Choose the TARGET

In Step One we will be determining which words and messages we need to specifically target for instruction. We often complete the step, not only for targeting specific words and messages, but also when we are first designing the AAC system that our student will be using. We will use three techniques to choose our target words and messages:

  1. Consider which words and messages are important to the individual student, their family, friends, and teacher. We will be asking all of these partners for their input as we choose the most motivating significant words and messages to target.
  2. Observe the student interacting in their typical environment so we can determine what messages are necessary in order for the student to participate fully.
  3. Consider what words and messages will initiate and sustain social interactions and meet basic communicative needs. Choose words/ messages that are easy to understand, including everyday language and regular occurrences.
  4. Consider developmental norms and frequency of vocabulary,  grammar and pragmatic development for those students who are learning language at the same time they are learning to communicate.

We have a convenient Target Planning Worksheet linked below for the team to use considering all of the above factors to ensure our students rate of learning is optimal!

CREDIT and Certificate are available for .5 hrs with the following:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Look over the discussed tools: Schedule Analysis, Word Lists and Notes pages
  3. Discuss the process of selecting communication targets with one other person either on the team or in a student's family.
  4. Complete the QUIZ to receive the certificate!