Step Three: TAKE IN by watching others say the word with my AAC

Step 3 is all about the partner and their modeling of how the word/message is used in the real world.  The point of this step as for the student to begin to understand when to use these words and messages and what it looks like when someone communicates using the method that they will ultimately be using themselves.  This is exactly how infants and toddlers begin to learn to speak, by watching and experiencing their parents and the other adults around them communicating by talking to each other for real purposes.

In this step, we are considering WHY we do this: What does the research say?.  We are also considering HOW to do it.  It's a bit messy for us adults, learning to speak AAC, but you can do it, and this is the first step!

  1. Watch video
  2. Complete one tool or review one resource discussed in video.
  3. Complete QUIZ by clicking here
  4. Receive emailed certificate