Step Two: TRAIN how to say it with AAC

In Step Two we begin the process of training HOW we say the word or message.  We are learning where the symbol lives on our AAC system, what it looks or sounds like, the motor sequence to navigate through pages on our AAC applications, and of course signing or saying the word, if that's appropriate.The most significant thing to remember at this step is that we are not teaching the child to use the word for communication purposes. We are simply teaching them how to use AAC to say the word or message. We’re teaching them things like how to navigate their device, where the symbol may live on a page, how to select the symbol on an eye gaze device by looking in the appropriate location. We might be teaching them what the symbol looks like, sounds like and what it means.

CREDIT and Certificate are available for 1.0 hrs with the following:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Look over the discussed resources pictured above
  3. Complete the QUIZ to receive the certificate!