Student Classroom Communication Goals Grid-R

Your very first step to get started with your student is to complete the Student Communication Goals Grid-R. This will help you identify your student's communication present level of performance and define goals for the following steps. Next you are on your way through the 5 Steps of your AAC 101 Journey!

The Student-Classroom Communication Goals Grid is a research informed assessment to help you develop your IEPs, giving you a present level of performance, extensive bank of communication and AAC goals, and the ability to show progress over multiple administrations from year to year!

QUIZ & 1.5 hrs. CREDIT are available once you have completed the following:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Discuss the Goals Grid with your team or staff
  3. Complete the Classroom Communication Goals Grid-R for at least one student
  4. Click here to complete the Quiz/Form certifying the above!