Tools to Integrate AAC Into Your Daily Life

Vicki Clarke
May 21, 2022

The key to integrating AAC Tools & Techniques into your daily life (or school day) is to have a PLAN!  Like most endeavors, AAC implementation does not just occur spontaneously.  It requires the people around the AAC user to systematically analyze the environment, delineate communication opportunities, target specific vocabulary/messages and then make sure that there are means to communicate these messages (AAC options!).  We have several favorite tools available that can assist the family or team in implementation planning.  

Environmental Communication Teaching is an approach that trains classroom teams to select specific activities to target for communication, implement appropriate strategies and techniques for teaching, arrange the environment for learning and plan activity based objectives.


We also use our own form of schedule analysis and goals delineation called the Dynamic AAC Goals Grid-2, distributed freely by Tobii-Dynavox.  www.mydynavox.com/Resources/AACGoalWriting. This tool gives a means for assessing a student’s current skills in AAC, delineating the communication environment, developing IEP goals and documenting progress.  

The SETT Framework is another highly recommended format for implementation of Assistive Technology.  Although it isn’t specific to AAC, it is well organized, well researched and applicable to our work in AAC, a subset of the field of Assistive Technology.  http://www.joyzabala.com/Home.php

We found a wonderful website this year that shares forms and tools specifically targeted at improving implementation of AAC.  The clinicians at RAST (Resources for AAC Services and Tools) Resources website provide planning forms for gathering information needed for team sharing, planning tools, vocabulary selection and more. http://rastresources.com/resources/

What are your favorite tools, forms or ideas for implementing AAC?  Share your ideas in our comments below!

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