AAC & Language Activity Set - August

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Back To School Time: AAC & Language Printable & Interactive Activity Sets

This AAC Language & Literacy Printable Activity Set is a language and communication focused lesson targeting our school schedule, supplies, and core sight words.Including:

  • School Schedule- students read a simple story about the school schedule and create their own symbol sentences to add to each page, choosing their own items to fill in a cloze sentence.
  • Survey Says! - Students interact with each other and adults in the school to find out how their peers travel to school each day. We are making a chart and discussing which choice, daycare van, bus, car, bike or walking, is the most popular!
  • Where Are My Words- AAC device screenshots for finding school supplies in our communication systems (Snap + Core, TouchChat, LAMP-WFL, Grid 3) so we can keep talking when the activity is done!
  • Whatcha' Think- Talking topics related to our school environment
  • Backpack Pack! Activity Experience- Planning list for packing your backpack!

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