Communication Supports - January

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Vocabulary Symbols to Print: Core & Theme

Click the image to download the printable pages including 2" symbols of the words we are targeting this month.  Choose the symbols that match most of your other classroom materials, curriculum and/or students's devices. You can use these symbols in a variety of ways in your classroom:

  • Print and laminate one board for each student to have at their seat. You can use contact paper to adhere these right onto the desktop!
  • Cut the symbols out, laminate, punch a hole in the corner and hang them on your lanyard for easy access
  • Cut each symbol out and label your classroom.  Think about strategic areas for each symbol.  Where are you most likely to say "go" (door?)... Better yet, have the students help you label the classroom by finding the objects that match their symbols!
  • After you label your classroom, turn out the lights, give everyone an inexpensive flashlight and go on a symbol hunt!
  • Send a copy home to parents to let them know what word you are working on this month!
  • Print 2 copies of the board. Cut each symbol out, laminate and play "Go Fish" or "Memory" to practice the name of each symbol.

AAC Devices: Core Word Pages

Screenshots from the most popular AAC applications highlighting the core words we are targeting this month!

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Let's Talk - Grab N' Go Communicaiton Boards

Let everyone know what words your students are working on this month!  Print, laminate and post on your door!

Let's get everyone in on the fun!  Print multiple copies of these half-sized boards, laminate and make available right beside your Door Sign.  You can use a wall file holder to contain your boards. ​Visitors can grab a board and come in talking!  What a wonderful opportunity to let your students see others talking the way THEY talk!!