Expectant Pause Strategy

Is it really as simple and being quiet and listening?  Yes!  Sometimes just waiting 10-15 seconds is all it takes to encourage our student to begin to use their AAC system to tell us something!  Make a statement, ask a question, or comment then WAIT for your student to do, say or touch something. Silently count to 10 before you coach, prompt, repeat or encourage.  This gives your student a chance to think about what you said, consider whatthey want to say and then figure out how to say it.  They need this time as they are learning.  Anotherbenefit is that we humans don’t like empty air, we are compelled to do or say something. That little PAUSE might be all your student needs to respond.  What if they don’t?  Repeat, add a little extra prompt, then count to 10 again! Before you use pause cues, make sure you’ve taught your student what they could say and how they can say it. Say it yourself (“MODEL”), give the a few choices (“you could say this or this.”), tell and show them what to say (“touch...”).  Once you know they have the idea, then you can present the opportunity for them to say something and WAIT.When you are talking to a student using AAC symbols, as you talk,  point to the symbols, just like you expect the student to, then WAIT! Easy and Effective!!