Parents come in all levels of experience, expectations and knowledge.  Some of them could teach us a thing or two, and others have never considered the use of visuals to support their child's language.  They often gather information from a wide variety of sources, some credible and some "not-so" credible.  We can begin to help them help their children by helping to debunk myths, explain the basic use of AAC and pointing them toward all of the wonderful "credible" resources out there!  These flyers are a quick introduction to the world of AAC!

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AAC Quickstart Flyers

AAC Quickstart

AAC Quickstart is the first of our quickstart flyers, designed to introduce the new to AAC partner to some basic AAC concepts as they get started with their child, student or friend who uses AAC.

AAC Talk The Talk

AAC Talk The Talk is an introduction to the most effective means of teaching AAC to a new communicator:  modeling!  Simple steps to get started help even a novice figure out where to begin!

AAC To the Core

AAC To the Core teaches AAC partners about the 200-400 most frequently used words in our daily lives.  These powerful words are a great place to begin talking with and teaching the use of AAC!

AAC Flyers from Others!

Carole Zangari, author of the PrAACtical AAC Blog, has shared a fantastic AAC 101 Flipbook with easy to digest strategies and tips for using AAC. This is a perfect flipbook for families as they get started!  It takes a minute to prepare, so be ready, but it's well worth it in the end!

The AAC Coach is a free website designed specifically for parents.  They freely offer access to a Google Drive where you can download the infographics that are shared on social media.  There are also explanations of each of the concepts with many offered in Spanish as well!