The Classroom Communication Checklist

The Classroom Communication Checklist is a tool developed to identify communication supports in place in the classroom and to determine potential supports which may be of value to add into the existing program.  This planning tool helps teachers & administrators consider a variety of supports to help their students communicate effectively in the classroom.  ​Download, save and use as a writeable form!

Scroll down to access printable and writeable forms, as well as an administrator "walk-through" checklist!

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Purposes of the Classroom Communication Checklist:

To assist teachers and therapists in…

•accessing a toolkit of resources and materials to create a classroom which broadly supports communication

•self-evaluation of their current communication supports

•self-selection of resources and materials relevant to their student needs

•justifying the requests for resources to support student communication development including equipment, supplies, planning time & staffing

•setting goals for expanding their classroom communication supports

•quantifying their progress towards supporting federally mandated communication supports for all of their students