Comprehensive Communication Books, at a minimum, are comprised of fringe vocabulary (noun categories and describing words), core vocabulary (high frequency words, typically verbs, pronouns and a few descriptors) and quick comments. These are typically hand made but premade files are readily available both here (see below!), from Teachers Pay Teachers and several communication device manufacturers.  These are a great introduction to communicating with symbols without sacrificing a rich vocabulary!

​A unique communication book you should check out is the PODD Book.  PODD stands for Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display book.  It is a communication book designed to be used with both the student and an adult partner. The organization is very unique and based on Pragmatic Starters. You start by choosing the reason you are communicating- "something to say," "something is wrong" or "I want something" for example.  These symbols lead us to turn to a page to follow up with what we started.  For example, "something is wrong" might lead to a page of complaints.  This is a $300 Boardmaker program, but if you are working with us on an individual student evaluation, we can make you one of these books.

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Typical Components

Wide Variety of Fringe Vocabulary in Categories

Core Vocabulary Display

Quick Commenting Vocabulary

Keyboard (Alphabet)

Know What Starter Systems are Available

We have compiled a list of some of the most ROBUST light tech AAC systems, based on the most current AAC applications and research.  Use these as a starter system to try out AAC supports for your student, OR use these to add visual supports to ANY STUDENT who is learning language and needs some extra visual information as they learn!

DTA AAC Flipbook 2.0- Build Your Own!

Based on our high tech AAC Devices, our DTA AAC Flipbook 2.0 gives students access to

12, 18 or 36 Quickwords,

5-10 Social and Needs Messages (blue tabs),

5-10 items Word Lists (orange tabs) and

12, 18, or 36 location Core Boards.  

Manual with including a directory of the up to 700 symbols available in these books!

You can select either a 5 symbol per flip, or 10 symbols per flip version from the downloadables below!

Directions are included in the download file