Classroom Schedule Analysis

The Classroom Communication Environment gives us exactly what we need to determine appropriate communication targets that are the MOST meaningful to your students during the day.  Rather than addressing communication in isolated tasks, in speech therapy, or in a "communication center," let's skip to working on communicating during typical daily activities. This saves you time and allows your student to learn true communication, for  functional purposes, in activities and familiar, predictable environments. You will complete your typical daily schedule down the left column, decide which of our 5 Communication Goals you could work on during the activity in the next 5 columns. Then you will choose words and messages which may be helpful during these normal routine activities. Finally, in the Method/Location column you'll give yourself a "cheat sheet" for where the symbols for these words/messages are available (in the AAC device, in a book, on a communication board, on the wall, or through sign language!). Think of this as an overview of your more detailed lesson planning documents.

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Classroom Communication Schedule Analysis

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