Communication Temptations

How do you encourage spontaneous communication?  Sometimes it’s as simple as setting up a situation that gives your student an interesting reason to communicate!  Understanding what activities and items are motivating allows us to set up situations that help our student want to interact. Watch your student to see what they consistently are interested in. That will be what they are most likely to communicate about! Can you set up a situation that makes it easy for them to get what they want simply by asking? How about asking for help opening a box, turning a handle, reaching the cookies?    Communication Temptations are best when they mimic real life. Think about situations your  student will encounter naturally and try to set up your temptation to match it, like doors & containers that need to be opened to get our favorite item. Make sure the student has the ability to say the word, touch or give the symbol easily!

WORD OF CAUTION! Be sure you don't make things MORE difficult for your student! If every time you or the communication device or boards come out, life gets more challenging, you might find your student rejects both YOU and the DEVICE. So be mindful of your student's ability to tolerate these challenges!