Communication is a skill that crosses every other academic subject in schools.  Our students learn first to read and write in their early elementary years, and then progress to using these skills to learn content areas: Social Studies, Science and more.  In special education we focus heavily on Reading and Writing (or we should!) but often don't explicitly consider the other 2 areas of communication, Listening and Speaking.  Explicitly considering and teaching Listening and Speaking is not just the role of the Speech Language Pathologist! These communication skills directly impact a students reading and writing development as well as their ability to process, learn and reproduce academic content!

So, let's look at some materials that you can start using right away!

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Monthly Core Word Instructional Approach

These monthly based core word teaching materials give you a set of targeted core words each month, the symbols you need and ideas for implementation.

All Year Core & More

At DTA Schools, we also recognize the value of having a ready made plan for core word instruction.  We are in Year 3 of the All Year Core & More Series! In this monthly materials program we target a vocabulary theme (like family, hygiene, clothing...) and 4-5 core words to go along with the theme.  Each month you have a calendar of activities, a set of original books to match the theme and core word targets, printable symbols, printable and interactive theme based activities and a literacy unit. Coming in 2021, we are beginning to add a academic theme target with even more theme based vocabulary.  Our activities alway point you back toward your high tech communication systems, BUT give you the light tech supports for speaking students, and those who need a little more visual supports for learning! Available to our DTA School Members!

A Year of Core

A Year of Core, by PrAACtical AAC and friends selects 12-16 words each month, gives you printable symbols, many suggested books to support the words and a calendar of activities.  A Year of Core- School Edition, takes the original concept of A Year of Core and expands it to more school based considerations and materials.  This edition gives you words of the month, the symbols, a strategy of the month, activity packs, resources and data sheets.  Free to the public!

Tell Me AAC in the Preschool Classroom

Tell Me AAC in the Preschool Classroom is an amazing resource for preschool and early grades teachers just beginning to implement AAC and core word instruction in their classrooms! This program targets core word instruction and solid literacy based instruction with a popular children's book theme.  Students are introduced to Shared Writing and Shared Reading activities with supplemental activities for all day long learning.  Available from the Attainment Company.  In addition, author Carole Zangari hosts an on-going blog series, Tell Me About It, which expands the Tell Me curriculum to many more books and activities.  Two amazing AAC SLPs, Maggie Judson and Jeanna Antrim, are the guest authors of TELL ME About It series!

Classroom Communication Project


The Classroom Communication Project is a series of group trainings, tools & resources and in-classroom coaching and troubleshooting.  We have tools in the sister project, The Student Communication Project, to help you assesses students for their IEP to report current functioning, write goals and show progress. A DTA Original, this one is all yours as a member of DTA Schools!



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