Teamwork makes the dream work!! We know that children first learn to communicate at home by listening to their parents talk. Our students using AAC need the same experience of watching their parents "talk" using symbols. To make this easier, we've created some homework packets designed to help parents use the same core word symbols around the house that we are using at school!

Each core word packet contains some simple activities to "train" the recognition of the symbol with familiar matching and finding activities. In addition, we are helping parents think about new activities they can engage in to use the targeted core word. Finally, parents are challenged to use the targeted core word in different rooms of the house.

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  1. Prepare the family that homework is coming! You might talk to them at an IEP meeting, make a phone call, or share the information in the student's notebook.
  2. Decide how you will send home the pages. Do you want to send the entire packet to be worked on over a 2 week period of time; or do you want to send one activity page home at a time. It's up to you!
  3. Remind parents to return homework to the classroom.
  4. Consider offering an incentive! Remember, many of our parents have never had homework for their child with special needs. This may be a new experience for them too!
  5. Encourage families to share their experiences with you by sending a picture of the activities they are doing, where they placed the icons or anything else they might take pride in.
  6. Consider having a place to share information between family members, such as a private Facebook page!