Classroom Communication Project For Parents

Bartow County Schools had Vicki out for an AAC Parent Day to introduce our families to Augmentative and Alternative Communication. This is a one hour video introducing all the basics to anyone new to AAC, families, teachers and paraprofessionals!

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Websites & Additional Resources

  • Pathways for Snap + Core First is a free Windows application parents and teachers can download to help them learn and implement their child's communication supports. "Pathways will help you jumpstart communication goals with intuitive video examples, lesson plans, interactive goals grid for tracking progress and addressing behavioral challenges, and a suite of supporting digital and printable materials to help you along the way."
  • Caregiver Resource Center is a free resource website especially for parents and caregivers just beginning to learn about AAC.  There are handouts, a blog, and introduction to AAC tools from Prentke Romich.


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