We are offering telepractice options for our patients!  We are using multiple options for joining us including Zoom and Google Meet. We will work with you to choose the option that best meets your needs!


All of our options work in a similar manner. You will receive an easy email invitation to  automatically link to our meeting room. Patients can log in on their computers (with a webcam) or their iPads, tablets or smart phones.  For most platforms you will be placed in a "waiting room" and your therapist will let you in.  

Therapy and coaching through telepractice will look a little different than you are used to but we know you will be pleasantly surprised at all of the advantages.  We are finally able to work with our patients in their own homes! We can meet the whole family (pets, too!)  see what is important to your family, and teach relevant communication skills.  Honestly, we've been shocked at how valuable being virtually in your home is!

How it works

ZOOM and Google Meet

  1. Once we know which program you would like to use, your therapist will send you an email "inviting" you to their online therapy room.
  2. Click on the link in the email.
  3. If you are on your computer, the link will open the app you chose,  Zoom or Google Meet onscreen.  If you are on an ipad, iphone or android phone/tablet, you will be asked to download the Zoom app or Google Meet App.  Go ahead and do that!  Once downloaded, just open it and we will be underway!
  4. Type in your name if it asks!
  5. Your therapist will "open" her therapy room to you!
  6. Click the microphone and video camera buttons to connect your audio and video!


  • If using a computer, make sure you have a good internet connection, working webcam and microphone.  Most computers have these built in, so you shouldn't have to do anything differently. Google Meet works well in Google Chrome or Firefox. You can also download the Zoom or Google Meet app on your computer to make it super simple!
  • Once you've done this the first time, logging into the therapy room on your phone or iPad  will be super easy!
  • It may take a little longer to get connected the very first time.  Our experience tells us that this becomes very easy after the first visit! We appreciate your patience as we ALL work to make this happen!